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Modern architecture office buildings

Present critical issues of Builders


Competitive Markets.
Customer huge availability / lots of options.
Customer not proper guidance.
Lead not mature.
Not focus on customer properly.
Target not complete timely.


Highly/Large Manpower's availed.
Media high budget target not planned properly.
Expensive Outdoor Marketing facility availed.
Indirect overhead increased.
Highly expensive customer benefit scheme.


Project not approved from National/NBFC banks.
Customer Loan Issues.
Working Capital issues.
Project Funding.
HNI Clients requirements.
Investors tie up.


Spacious apartment in modern style

Competitive Markets

Domestic area for relax

Customer Confuse

Domestic area for relax

Lead Not Mature


Spacious apartment in modern style

Expensive Advertising

Domestic area for relax

Huge Manpower's

Domestic area for relax

Indirect Overheads


Spacious apartment in modern style

Customer Loan Issues

Domestic area for relax

Working Capital

Domestic area for relax

Project Fund Issues


Rajasthan Housing Builders Association

RHBA Team has working on the all the Issue releted to run a Real Estate business case by case and finding the solution to takle all the issue face by real estate people.

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